Arianna Sebo

poet, writer

Recent Work


The Writers Club at Grey Thoughts: "I Drown"

Kissing Dynamite, issue 15, March 2020: "Aliens and the Mountains"

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic: "The New Normal"

Front Porch Review: "Ghosts Behind Your Back"

The Coachella Review: "The Book of Moths" and forthcoming in Lummox Poetry Anthology #9.

Black Coffee Review: "Haunt Your Dreams"

Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Volume 7, Chapter 6: "Spiritual Traffic" (#111)

Capsule Stories Summer 2020 Edition: Going Forward includes the poem "Gravel Road." Available at Capsule Stories.

The Daily Drunk: "Mother Ship"

Redheaded Stepchlid: "Grandfather Clocks"

True Chili: Cowboy Lit: "Clouds Rolling In"

Lucky Jefferson: "Genuine"

Trouvaille Review: "Tipsy Mountainous Rock" and "Salt of the Earth"

2020 Elizabeth River Anthology: "Moody Girl", "Reeling" and "The Actress with the Red Hair" available at and

The Lotus Island: "Blank," "Still," and "Still We Try" in issue 3 (pages 26-27) Artichoked.

Journal of Expressive Writing: "How do you feel? (I feel like a sandwich)"

Ariel Chart: "Canvas"

Lucky Pierre Zine: "Bees"

Short Story Dispenser at the Calgary Public Library: "London Underground"

Green Ink Poetry: "Decisions"

Fleas on the Dog, issue 7: "2 to 45 More," "Who Likes Christmas," and "Fat Pets"

Sapphic Writers, issue 2, Calm After the Storm: "An Earth Without People" and "The New World". "An Earth Without People" also featured in a Best Of issue of the zine.

Dust Poetry Magazine: "Reluctantly"

Flare Journal: "Another Person" and "Any Other Way"

Academy of the Heart and Mind: "Signs" and "Capital Disappointment"

Kingdoms in the Wild: "The Setting Sun in Winter"

Fae Dreams Anthology: "Decisions," "Canvas," "Dust Bunnies," "Your Wings," and "Embracing You" available at and

Nightmare Whispers Anthology: "Evil Laughter," "Ghost Man," and "Creepy People" available at and YouTube author promo clip.

Currently available in the anthology Poetry Leaves: Volume 5 (2020) Adult Contemporary Edition: "The Past Lives On" at and The Waterford Township Public Library Poetry Leaves exhibition was going to display the poetry from the books in Spring 2021, but was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Frost Meadow Review, Volume 6: "Submarine"

Adelaide Literary Magazine, No. 41: "Explosive," "Fall," "Just Be There," "The Couple," and "Waver"

Door Is A Jar: "Annoyance" and "On The Highway" available on and

Nixes Mate: "Burnt Toast" also included in the anthology "In The Time of Covid."

The Sunlight Press: "Paycheque Tomorrow" and "The Idea of Hunger"

Scrittura, Issue 21, Autumn 2020: "Stare" and "The Heart on the Wall"

The Avalon Literary Review, Spring 2021: "Golf Widow"

Scarlet Leaf Review, July 2021: "Evil Laughter," "After Work at the Newspaper," "Capital Disappointment," and "Average"

Forthcoming in Train River Publishing COVID-19 Anthology: "Lost in Coronaville"


Letters for Lethbridge, an anthology from the Lethbridge Public Library: "The Urban Landscape of My Life"