Arianna Sebo

poet, writer

Recent Work


The Writers Club at Grey Thoughts: "I Drown"

Kissing Dynamite, issue 15, March 2020: "Aliens and the Mountains"

45 Poems of Protest: The Pandemic: "The New Normal"

Front Porch Review: "Ghosts Behind Your Back"

The Coachella Review: "The Book of Moths" and forthcoming in Lummox Poetry Anthology #9.

Black Coffee Review: "Haunt Your Dreams"

Visual Verse: An Anthology of Art and Words, Volume 7, Chapter 6: "Spiritual Traffic" (#111)

Capsule Stories Summer 2020 Edition: Going Forward includes the poem "Gravel Road." Available at Capsule Stories.

The Daily Drunk: "Mother Ship"

Redheaded Stepchlid: "Grandfather Clocks"

True Chili: Cowboy Lit: "Clouds Rolling In"

Lucky Jefferson: "Genuine"

Trouvaille Review: "Tipsy Mountainous Rock" and "Salt of the Earth"

2020 Elizabeth River Anthology: "Moody Girl", "Reeling" and "The Actress with the Red Hair" available at and

The Lotus Island: "Blank," "Still," and "Still We Try" in issue 3 (pages 26-27) Artichoked.

Journal of Expressive Writing: "How do you feel? (I feel like a sandwich)"

Ariel Chart: "Canvas"

Lucky Pierre Zine: "Bees"

Short Story Dispenser at the Calgary Public Library: "London Underground"

Green Ink Poetry: "Decisions"

Fleas on the Dog, issue 7: "2 to 45 More," "Who Likes Christmas," and "Fat Pets"

Sapphic Writers, issue 2, Calm After the Storm: "An Earth Without People" and "The New World"

Dust Poetry Magazine: "Reluctantly"

Flare Journal: "Another Person" and "Any Other Way"

Academy of the Heart and Mind: "Signs" and "Capital Disappointment"

Kingdoms in the Wild: "The Setting Sun in Winter"

Fae Dreams Anthology: "Decisions," "Canvas," "Dust Bunnies," "Your Wings," and "Embracing You" available at and

Nightmare Whispers Anthology: "Evil Laughter," "Ghost Man," and "Creepy People" available at and YouTube author promo clip.

Currently available in the anthology Poetry Leaves: Volume 5 (2020) Adult Contemporary Edition: "The Past Lives On" at and Forthcoming in the Waterford Township Public Library Poetry Leaves exhibition Spring 2021.

Frost Meadow Review, Volume 6: "Submarine"

Adelaide Literary Magazine, No. 41: "Explosive," "Fall," "Just Be There," "The Couple," and "Waver"

Door Is A Jar: "Annoyance" and "On The Highway" available on and

Nixes Mate: "Burnt Toast"

The Avalon Literary Review, Spring 2021: "Golf Widow"

Forthcoming in The Sunlight Press: "Paycheque Tomorrow" and "The Idea of Hunger"

Forthcoming in Scrittura: "Stare" and "The Heart on the Wall"

Forthcoming in Train River Publishing COVID-19 Anthology: "Lost in Coronaville"


Forthcoming in Letters for Lethbridge from the Lethbridge Public Library: "The Urban Landscape of My Life"